How to attract your ideal man

without going on Tinder nor relying

on luck

Duplicate my exact method to attract the perfect & sexy man you always wanted to live with and create the relationship of your dreams

Are you living

the love story of your dreams?

Do you feel filled with intense joy and love every day because your life is exactly as you imagined it?

  • Every night, this is the same... I come back home from work, hoping someone is waiting for me and will hug me. No one. The house is empty.
  • feel so lonely. I can't seem to get over my last relationship. I don't know how to move on. I don't have the courage to turn the page, it's so hard ...
  • I don't think I can ever fall in love again. I gave my al. They took everything from me. I don't know how I'm going to be able to rebuild myself.
  • I've tried everything: I smile all the time, I think positive, I date as many men as I want, but I am not able to find the One. I do not understand why...
"Results are impressive"
Adriana Garcin

Do you believe you can live True Love?

Or do you let yourself be stopped by these beliefs?

  • Pff... Honestly, I tried everything. I don't think any other course can help me.
  • I'm not pretty/thin/young enough.
  • The prince charming only exists in fairy tales!
  • I never had luck in love, it's not about to change.
  • Living True Love is possible ... but not for me.

I tell you this because I get you.
I have spent far too much time hiding myself behind these beliefs...

...until the day I realized that if I didn't do anything now to rebuild my love life, nothing would be done for me. I would stay sad, miserable, and feel awfully lonely and isolated.

I understood that in life, you don't have a second chance. You are here and you only have the "move forward" key to move.

But believe me, you're missing out on your life if you don't have the romantic relationship of your dreams. You only have one life and if you want to know what it is to experience True Love, there is still time to take your chance.

I believe that the purpose of all lives is to embrace life with an open heart and radiate intense joy and love.

Yes, you deserve to live True Love

If you are on this page today, it is because you have been looking for solutions for months, even years, without finding an effective one. The truth is, if you're not living the relationship of your dreams, it's simply because no one has taught you how to master your thoughts, emotions and energy to meet the perfect man for you.

More than anything, you deserve to:

  • Get up every morning and say "Oh my God, is he really the man in my bed?!" - your dream has come true
  • Live with Joy and Love every day - he knows how to make you feel loved and cared for
  • Feel you deeply understood and listened to - he knows you by heart
  • Feel safe snuggled up in his arms
  • Have an intimate bond with him - you understand each other at first sight
  • Be full of energy to enjoy life to the fullest - Love gives you wings

My name is Claire Chiron...

...and I was in your shoes. I wanted to experience the same things as you too: to have this wonderful, sincere, romantic and intimate relationship.

After I broke up with my ex, I felt completely devastated and upside down. I couldn't believe that I would ever be able to experience True love again. Then I had to find a solution because I wanted to know what it was like to have an intense and sincere romantic relationship with my partner.

This is when I remembered what I had been taught about when I was younger: the power of visualization & dream boards. When you know how to use them, these techniques could totally transform my life and make me meet the partner of my dreams. These tools have helped me to manifest him!

That's why I decided to teach you how to harness your energy, thoughts and emotions to attract the man of your dreams.

Everything I am going to teach you in this course is purely from my intense and rough life experiences - no made up theory. You will receive what allowed me to attract him down to the smallest details...

Here is how I attracted my

ideal man in a total unexpected way

Emmanuel and I, both French, met in the most unexpected place ever: Los Angeles!

I remember that day like it was yesterday… We were September 2017. I was planning to go back to Mexico for a meditation retreat.

But my plans changed last minute.

10 days before leaving France, I made the decision to fly back to Los Angeles for the 3rd time of the year. But, this time, I absolutely did not expect to meet the love of my life there.

We ended up sharing the same Airbnb in a tiny Hobbit house (yep, that's how they really called it!) In Venice Beach, California, during this completely unexpected 5-day trip!

Hike toward Hollywood sign

Los Angeles, California

Funny moment on the beach, 

Santa Monica, California

This is it: the tiny Hobbit House!

Dance on the Queen Mary II, 

Long Beach, California

5-day retreat, Sedona, Arizona

This trip turned out to be the start of our adventures.
Since then, we have never left each other. We decided to live together and make this life an incredible experience of mutual personal growth.

We live in a so tender relationship full of love, sensuality, intimacy and humor and laughter that for me to experience such a relationship is a dream come true.

I believe, and it is a fact now for me, that this man appeared in my life because I imagined him, thought of him, visualized him, created him in my head and felt him in my heart for months before.

This manifestation was totally breathtaking.

Emmanuel looks exactly like the man on this bag:
  • the same muscular abs
  • the same blond hair
  • the same face shape
  • down to the red short and its white cord!!

Claire plugged to an electroencephalograph during a meditation retreat about brain capacities with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

3 Years Of Experiments - Discovering The Capacities Of The Brain

Since my radical life transformation in 2017, I have decided to dedicate my life to understanding, experiencing and applying multiple forms of meditations, visualizations and altered states of consciousness to create my life using all the capacities of our human body.

My research led me to meet renowned researchers like Dr. Joe Dispenza. I then had the opportunity to work with his team of scientists to proceed to some brain measurement experiments.

From frustrated and emotionally dependent, 3 years ago, to happy, free and fulfilled in my love relationship... I transformed my life.

I am an international speaker, entrepreneur, creator of Souveraine de l'Amour™ and co-founder of Succellium™. I spoke at the Health Healing & Happiness Conference in Sedona, Arizona. I have traveled to 15 countries around the world to meet the leading experts in meditation and neuroscience.

I had a series of psychic and spiritual experiences that revealed to my other fields of perception and consciousness, through which I experienced a profound life transformation. I applied all this knowledge to attract the man of my life. I am living with him for over 3 years.

I now teach women to become the woman they always dreamed to be and to naturally attract the man of their life.

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About your coach

  • Co-founder of Succellium™
  • Creator of Souveraine de l'Amour™ transformation  to help young women to become the woman they always wanted to be and attract the man of their dreams

Claire shares her transformational journey on stage during the Health, Healing & Happiness 2017 Conference in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

Claire worked in collaboration with the largest European neurofeedback center in Hanover, Germany.

This is why I created

Dream board to dream mate

A unique and exclusive approach

I share with you my personal life examples. You are guided by a clear and detailed step-by-step plan to help you successfully complete your dream board. In addition to that, here are the unique Dream Board To Dream Mate benefits:
1.  Meet your dream partner

If I created this course, it is not to meet a random guy… You will meet the man who understands you at first sight. Who loves you and accepts you for the woman that you are. Who gives you all the love you deserve to receive.

2.  Filmed with my dream partner & associate

I have seen to many dating online program created by single or divorced women, or women in an open relationship. The most effective way to teach is to experience what you want to share first. This is what I experience on a daily basis with Emmanuel. We teach you together how to attract your ideal man.

3.  5 secrets to accelerate your manifestation

I have been using the law of attraction principles and especially vision board since my 10 years old. During all these years, I have tried different ways to attract what I wanted. In this course, I give you the 5 secrets that will catalyze your results. These secrets are the result of 14 years of practicing the Law of Attraction.

4.  We build your dream board together!

I've broken down your dream board creation process into quick and easy steps. For each step, I explain you how to do it the best way. It's simple. Just launch the 1st video and let yourself go. At the end, you will hardly realize that the course is over and that your dream board will is already done!

PLUS : 4 FREE Bonuses to manifester your man faster

Bonus 1:

Vibrant Love Meditation

Open your heart. Feeling positive, elevated and intense emotions on a daily basis is like a muscle, you have to train it. This audio allows you to strengthen your "emotion muscle" every day.

Bonus 2:

Receptive Mode Breathing Audio

Instantly surrender into a state of deep relaxation and feel immersed in your dream board, as if you were living in each of these scenes. It is also a powerful method for dealing with stress in everyday life and bringing you back to a state of instant serenity.

Bonus 3:

Daily Affirmations Audio

These powerful positive affirmations will speed up the manifestation process. Feed your mind with new thoughts every day to attract the man of your dreams faster.

Bonus 4:

Expérience Immersive 5D Experience Audio

Learn to master at 100% your dream board power by opening yourself to the power of your 5 senses to make your relationship even more real, intense and deep! Live the ultimate experience of attracting your perfect match 10 times faster.

You get access to:
  • How to make Your dream board work in 5 quick and easy steps
  • A series of 17 interactive videos created to make you feel like you are in a private coaching session with Emmanuel and me
  • The 5 hidden dream board secrets that allowed me to manifest the love of my life easily & effortlessly - we hold your hand until you finish your dream board
  • The essentials you need before you start defining your dreams
  • An aesthetic, gorgeous and exemplified workbook to help you create your own love life : from the overview to the details you haven't even thought about - but that will make the difference
  • 4 audio bonuses : Vibrant Love Meditation, Receptive Mode Breathing Audio, Daily Affirmations and Immersive 5D Experience

Read what they say after

"Dream Board To Dream Mate"

"It's amazing, simple, fresh and super effective!"

Even if you are used to the law of attraction, it's just great to let you pull and guided. I was really blown away because I used it to make my actual relationship more perfect with the partner I already have.

Anne Tureau - France, 54 years old
"Results are impressive"

Thank you for your precious advice. I already had some knowledge about vision boards, the law of attraction and visualisation. However with your lessons, everything is much simpler and more practical. I admit that the results are impressive. Things are changing in my life and good experiences multiplies.

Adriana Garcin

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