Make excellence

your new normal

Elite coaching masterminds for serious people. Get direct LIVE mentorship, join a community of ambitious people and reprogram your habits to make your life fit your dreams.

Make excellence

your new normal

Elite coaching masterminds for serious people. Get direct LIVE mentorship, join a community of ambitious people and reprogram your habits to make your life fit your dreams.

Succellium™ is a complete ecosystem 

12-Week LIVE




VIP Elite Community

Extreme Ownership

In 2 weeks, I got the job I've been waiting for for 7 months. I finally moved to the place I like, I finally meet people who share the same values as me. It Happened So Fast, I Was Shocked !


Change your real life situation.

Learn from real life experiences.

In this age of information overload, applying knowledge that actually works in the real world is critical. We experienced our teachings ourselves first. Get first hand experience.
Emmanuel Beato

Personal Trainer certified in the USA.

He conducts international research on leadership, performance and the psychology of success. Founder of Succellium™.

Claire Chiron

Claire conducts international research on well-being, spirituality and brain performance. Co-founder of Succellium™.

world-class transformational Masterminds

Highly practical, not just theoretical. Immerse yourself into a guided proven step-by-step process made of intense LIVE group coachings, stunning 1080p HD videos, beautiful reprogramming audio sounds and gorgeous & elegant workbooks. Access your training online from any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Anywhere in the world. Anytime you like.

I already had some notions about the dream board, the law of attraction and visualization. However with your courses everything is much simpler and practical. The results are impressive.

Adriana Garcin

LIVE Mentorship with in depth breakthroughs

Each week show up to our LIVE video calls. Learn the secrets to uplevel fast. Join our MasterMind sessions to speed up your growth.

We have gone through this before. Follow our steps and gain years in only weeks or a few months. We are not here to help you make small improvements. We are here to make you do big steps fast so you finally stop losing your time, money and energy going in the wrong direction.

Grow & win together with driven achievers

Join teammates who share the same goals. People like you, determined, ambitious, and highly focused. Work together in a group coaching and support each other all along.

Get support during the challenges, and share your victories with people who (really) want to see you succeed. No friennemies, no fake smiles. Only supportive vibes.

Not only it's valuable, but very exclusive.

Not a FB group. A private app where you feel comfortable to share both your victories and challenges. You are only with people who want to win.

I was really amazed because I realized that I could create my ideal love relationship from the relationship I already have.

It’s amazing ! It's simple, fresh and super efficient!

Anne Tureau

We Help You Do

the work you're supposed to do

Learn and implement the practices right away in your daily life. Not tomorrow, NOW. We are behind you to keep you accountable.

Peers and team leaders can view your progresses. They are there to help you through the mastermind and call you out if you're falling behind. You are kept accountable for your daily actions and progresses, so you put the exercises into work.

So You Can Have The Results You Want To Have.

Engage face to face with driven leaders

Succellium™ assembles members live from all four corners of the globe to complete our powerful graduation event after every online mastermind.

Our meetings are concentrated with family like relationships worthy of traveling vast distances to meet in flesh the team you went through the 3 month intense transformation.

Share your transformation, forge a single bond that creates profitable leverage, partnerships and life long friendships. 

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Graduation Souveraine de l'Amour Seminar

St-Jean-de-Luz, FRANCE

Gathering High achievers

with strong values

It is different than every other coaching or mastermind.
We curate all the members to ensure they fit this criteria:
Settle for nothing less than excellence in all your life areas
Want to reach your goals faster with less wasted time & distractions
Highly teachable
Ready to learn and apply the necessary changes in your life
Highly teachable
Ready to learn and ready to apply the necessary changes 

Think you are a good fit ?