members reviews

Succellium supports people like you who have decided to transform their lives. Click on the images below to view the testimonials of some of our members:
"It made me feel much calmer and in charge of my to do list.

I felt overwhelmed by all the things I have to do. Succellium Mind helped me getting out of my environment. Now I feel more grounded and calmer. It helps to take the edge off and approach life and work in a more relaxed manner."

Laurence Herledan

Makeup artist

London, United Kingdom

"I am more focused and productive.

Try the meditation, as it's well structured, easy to follow and a lovely experience! I love the meditation practice, as I get to set my intention and flow for the day. I am feeling more prepared to handle challenges that comes up."

Corné Lamprecht

Founder of Fearless Empowerment & Yoga Yogini

South Africa

"It's a great tool to gain motivation and clarity again.

I felt like I always had to rush everything and couldn't take time for myself to relax. Now I feel more calm again. Whenever I get this feeling to rush everything again, I'm now aware of it, stop and think about a place I went to in the meditations."

Jessica Langeder

Law Student


"Succellium Mind is a great resource to take the guess work out of incorporating this practice in your daily life.

The live experience is very unique! You can certainly feel into the energy of other participants and being able to see other smiling facings after a session really brings a sense of togetherness, and helps lock in the good energy! I am very familiar with meditation and meditating with Claire is phenomenal! She is very talented and skilled at guiding sessions. They are very easy to follow along with and certainly help bring a sense of calm and focus in the body! I feel an increased focus and clarity, feeling a sense of peace and calmness."

Dominique Bailey

High Performance Coach

Atlanta, United States