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live video calls

LIVE coaching sessions, answers to all your questions & in-depth session.

High-level Accountability

Every exercise & tasks you have to complete during the full 12-week mentoship.



Grow in a group with people like you, go through the same process.

Dream mate

online course

  • Learn to use the power of dream board
  • Master the basics of the law of attraction to attract the masculine, loving and engaged man you desire
  • 1H30 of practical step-by-step guided exercises

Souveraine de l'amour

group coaching

  • Unblock +111 limiting beliefs about love, men, sex...
  • Say goodbye to toxic and manipulative relationships
  • Practice self-love on a daily basis
  • Reconnect deeply with yourself and your desires
  • Become an energetic magnet to attract the man of your life