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Dare To Dream

Anne Tureau

Energy Therapist
“I was blown away. I was able to be very clear about what I wanted and have energy again.
It's totally different from other personal development programs. "

Thomas Thierry

"Emmanuel helped me find my Why."

Hervé M Liu

"You're going to reflect and see where you are in your life."

Franck Boutinet

"You will create the change to manifest your dreams."

Maxime Nardini

Coach for hypersensitive people
"You are going to reconnect with who you really are."

dream board to dream mate

Anne Tureau

Thérapeute énergéticienne
"It's amazing! It's simple, fresh and super effective! I used it to make my actual relationship more perfect with the partner I already have"
"Results are impressive!"

Thank you for your precious advice. I already had some knowledge about vision boards, the law of attraction and visualisation. However with your lessons, everything is much simpler and more practical. I admit that the results are impressive. Things are changing in my life and good experiences multiplies.

Adriana Garcin