12 weeks to become the woman you always dreamed to be and attract the man of your dreams, to live true & intimate love

This coaching if for you if :

either 1

you are single

You want to learn to reconnect with yourself and learn to take the control back of your destructive emotions. You want to meet a masculine and manly man who pleases you, makes you laugh, loves the woman that you are, supports you in your projects both professional and personal to live a serious relationship over the long term.

or 2

you are unhappy in your relationship

You feel that you are losing your connection with yourself and despite you are in a relationship... you feel alone. You feel like you might not be with the right person. The relationship has been deteriorating for a few weeks, months, or even years and you don't know what to do: stay in or end the relationship.

On the heart side... It could be better...

Maybe you've never really experienced what love is, REAL LOVE.

You had a great but rather tumultuous relationship that always ended badly until you felt deeply hurt.

Now, it is possible that you only meet men who are no longer ready to commit as before.

You probably always attract inaccessible and unavailable men who constantly reject you...

And you put all your heart, your time and your energy into the relationship but you don't feel any involvement from him in return.

Now, you've probably been heartbroken too many times and you wonder if you're really going to meet the man of your dreams. Isn't it too late?

And if it keeps going on like this, what will happen?

You will keep meeting men you fantasize about, thinking he is finally the perfect man, when instead he just wants to sleep with you or have a good time. Nothing more.

You will end up being heartbroken once again.

But... even if you see that your relationships aren't working out, you're still going to stubbornly believe that "Yes, it's possible to meet the perfect man of your dreams!".

But the big issue is that years are passing by... And you might keep hoping, on your own, that “Yes, I'm sure, it will happen, it will work, I will meet him” by running this scenario in your head again and again, without seeing any physical result.

Here, you have to understand that your real life does not happen in the same way than your scenario happen in your head. Your current reality does not stick to the idealized fantasies that you have.

What you want is a relationship that works without waiting for years passing by. Because the time gap between where you are now and where you want to be will stretch year after year.

The real question is...

If you want to build your life project and a lasting and intimate relationship with the man of your life, do you have the mental and emotional ressources? And do you know how you are going to attract the man of your life and not an asshole?

Knowing this makes all the difference in a woman's life.

Because the more you let time passes… One day, you will reach your 30th year, and you will always have this unconscious pressure… “Will I really meet him one day and if so, how do I know if he is the One?

Unfortunately, this unconscious stress of not meeting the right man and experiencing a series of romantic disappointments destabilizes you and makes you emotionally unstable. This emotional unstability prevents you from having clarity in your life and from performing in your other areas of life, like your career which is really important to you.

And precisely, here you will access a transformation in which you are taken care of non-stop to free yourself from your fears, your anxieties, your unconscious patterns which make you always attract the same type of men. And together we will work on building and creating in the tiniest details what you want to live in your romantic relationship with your ideal man.

My name is Claire Chiron,

Coach, international speaker & entrepreneur

Claire is an international speaker, entrepreneur, creator of Souveraine de l'Amour™ and co-founder of Succellium ™. She spoke at the Health Healing & Happiness Conference in Sedona, Arizona. Claire has traveled to 15 countries around the world to meet the leading experts in meditation and neuroscience.

She had a series of psychic and spiritual experiences that revealed to her other fields of perception and consciousness, through which she experienced a profound life transformation. She applied all this knowledge to attract the man of her life. She is living with him for over 3 years.

She teaches women to become the woman they always dreamed to be and to naturally attract the man of their life.

Appeared at:

Claire plugged to an electroencephalograph during a meditation retreat about brain capacities with Dr. Joe Dispenza.

3 years of experiments - discovering the capacities of the brain

Since my radical life transformation in 2017, I have decided to dedicate my life to understanding, experiencing and applying multiple forms of meditations, visualizations and altered states of consciousness to create my life using all the capacities of our human body.

My research led me to meet renowned researchers like Dr. Joe Dispenza. I then had the opportunity to work with his team of scientists to proceed to some brain measurement experiments.

about your coach

  • Co-founder of Succellium™
  • Creator of Souveraine de l'Amour™ transformation  to help young women to become the woman they always wanted to be and attract the man of their dreams

Claire shares her transformational journey on stage during the Health, Healing & Happiness 2017 Conference in Sedona, Arizona, USA.

Claire worked in collaboration with the largest European neurofeedback center in Hanover, Germany.

This is how my life

looks like today :

I broke free from my old toxic relationships.
I am happy and laugh every single day.
I live the love story of my dreams with my dream mate.

Simply said :

I live the life I always dreamt of.

And I would like you to live this transformation too...

My life has changed dramatically. My change has been drastic, and believe me, I don't want to go back to my old life.
Now every morning I wake up in the arms of my man I had dreamed of for months, super happy and inspired by my dreams.

I only meet fulfilled people like me, who finally share the same values and interests. I have succeeded in creating the the career I dreamed of as a child.

This is why I created the coaching

Souveraine de l'Amour

12 weeks of LIVE group coaching 
Super-complete, pragmatic, precise and filled with real life examples
60 videos (15-60 min.)

+25 hours of videos to transform yourself in depth

160 pages of exercises

Guided & step-by-step with my precise life examples

24 (1-2H) LIVE Coachings 

to ask all your questions and move forward fast

private social app

for high quality & secure group interactions

The temple

of sovereigns

exclusive private group

By joining the Souveraine de l'Amour™(Sovereign of Love) coaching program, you access the Temple of the Sovereigns, an exclusive VIP social network reserved for members only.

This is your space to create strong bonds. You make very high quality connections. You get support during tough times, and you share your victories with people who (really) want you to thrive. No fake friends, no fake smiles. Only an atmosphere of sincere support.


this is not a magical formula!


Because if you decide to make a real difference in your love life and other areas of your life, like your career, understand that you need to be truly involved in your own life transformation.

I give you ALL the tools, the practices as well as the knowledge that I used to live this fast and lasting transformation. You have to do your part. You have to implement these practices in your daily life to make sure you get the results.

But don't worry, I am by your side every day of your transformation. As soon as you encounter a difficulty in your life, I am here, from day 1, to unblock you and allow you to move forward quickly.

The coaching curriculum

Souveraine de l'Amour

Week 1 :

Unblock +111 limiting beliefs

About love, men, your self-esteem, your worth, the relationship with your parents, sexuality...

Eliminate any limiting beliefs (even those you don't think about) that keep you from being the woman you want to be: radiant, assertive, confident, who knows her true worth and respects herself. Finally, reprogram yourself to attract and live true love with this powerful process.

Week 2 :

Become emotionally free & independent

Finally, understand where your emotional dependency patterns come from, identify them, and learn to interrupt them instantly.

If you are a hypersensitive person, you are going to love to discover how you are going to be able to use your emotional sensitivity as a force to further control your emotions. Feeling emotions is no longer a burden!

Apply my method to finally meet your emotional needs on your own and no longer need anyone, or even a man, to make you happy.

Week 3 :

Free Yourself From Toxic Relationships

This week is extremely powerful as you will learn all the mechanisms and techniques used by narcissistic people and manipulators to destroy you and your feelings.

You will learn how to identify them, run away from them and rebuild yourself after such a relationship. You will apply the most powerful techniques to heal yourself from those relationships that have hurt you so much in the past.

Week 4 :

Master The Art Of Healthy Relationships

Once you understand the fundamentals that create the real dynamic of relationships, you will be able to clearly identify people you want to surround yourself with in order to grow.

Live a moment of deep healing from your past relationships and experience a real relational reset to be ready to experience new ones.

Week 5 :

At the heart of self-love

Cultivating this deep love for the woman that you are will allow you to amplify your power of magnetic attraction. And this is going to have magical results on your life.

Without even realizing it, the dynamics of your relationships will change, becoming smoother, more fluid, and more friendly. You will meet new people, attract new opportunities, make decisions that will no longer be guided by your mind, but by your heart...

And finally, you will understand what the power of love really is and you will transmute your unfounded fears into a loving force that will lead you towards your dreams.

Week 6 :

Dare to be Yourself

This week, you will create your real identity and personality, and discover who you really are.

After this deep work on your self-esteem and personal value, you will discover a surprising courage and desire to want to be yourself and to affirm it to those around you, whether at work, with your close friends or even of with your family.

Week 7 :

What men want

Have you always wanted to dive inside the male mind? Perfect! This week, Emmanuel answers all your questions.

What does your ideal man expect from you? How does he think? What does he expect from an exceptional relationship? What are the different types of men? Can you have it all in a man and in a relationship? Where to find good men? And so on…

The list is long. That's why, during this week, you will have an avalanche of breakthroughs that will help you clarify in great details the man  you want to live with, what you really want in a relationship and what you don't want.

Week 8 :

a week in the Sovereign's life

Now is the time to shine. Start to live under your new rules and immerse yourself in your new life.

Raise your standards and put on that new skin. Have you always dreamed of being the main actress of a Block Buster, like Wonder Woman? Awesome! This week, I'm rolling out the red carpet for you. Life is yours!

Can you already feel that feeling of excitement of living just for you according to your desires and aspirations without any limitation? Imagine what that would do for a whole week. After these 7 days spent in your new life, believe me, you won't want to go back!

Week 9 :

activate your magnetic power

Get in touch with your real inner power and express it for real.

If you already know the Law of Attraction, learned it in books or on videos, and applied it a little on a daily basis... what you're going to learn here is something else.

I have hesitated for a long time to share with you the real secrets that allowed me to experience quantum leaps over and over... But your success through this program is really close to my heart.

This is why Emmanuel and I are going to teach you the real daily practices and techniques that have made us meet together and literally compress years into just a few months.

Week 10 :

the secret chamber

You like romance. You want to experience deep and sincere love. But you also want to… live and feel a strong emotional, physical and sensual connection with the man of your life. Just writing these words gives me goosebumps.

This week, you come back to your secret room... the den of your deep, hidden, buried desires... that you secretly want to live with your sweetheart.

We are going to break your blocks and inhibitions and unlock this sensual energy to amplify your power of attraction. If you were excited to read all of these steps, wait until you live this week!

Week 11 :

the Manuscript of the Sovereign

You will gain clarity instantly by defining in great details your new life in your 12 areas of life. If before you were afraid of the future, afraid of the unknown or had doubts and uncertainties about your future, after this week you will be completely serene and confident because you will know exactly what your future looks like.

You are going to have this little smile on your face because you hold between your hands the clear and almost tangible vision of your future life, yours, not the one of others.

Through this process of creating your life as a real Sovereign, you are no longer afraid to show and affirm your dreams and aspirations because you have just started to appropriate them and understand that YOU are the creator of your life.

Week 12 :

Codes of the Sovereign

One important element remains to be able to fully embody the life of this Souveraine de l'Amour™. These are the codes of every woman who respects herself fully, has very high self-esteem, is aware of her self-worth and wants to show her high status in society.

If you want an ambitious man of high standards and of quality who has a real desire to commit and to live a serious and sincere relationship with you, you are going to need to know all the codes of the attitude of this ideal woman too...

At the end of your transformation,

your life is not the same...

  • You wake in the morning, a big smile on your face, your man lying down in your bed. You are excited to go and live your day to build your dream career.
  • You take time to have breakfast and to prepare it for your lover.
  • You are so confident that your day will go wonderfully that you radiate calm and serenity.
  • You take time to prepare. No pressure. Because now, you decide how your day is going on.
  • Today, you decide to spend time with your cherished dream partner. You are going to do something a super exciting thing with him.
  • Everyday will be like this one and even better!

The temple

of sovereigns

exclusive private group

By joining the Souveraine de l'Amour™(Sovereign of Love) coaching program, you access the Temple of the Sovereigns, an exclusive VIP social network reserved for members only.

This is your space to create strong bonds. You make very high quality connections. You get support during tough times, and you share your victories with people who (really) want you to thrive. No fake friends, no fake smiles. Only an atmosphere of sincere support.

A special Bonus when you join

today to accelerate your results

Special Bonus

Golden Couple online coure

Discover each other through your couple relationship. Learn how to preserve your relationship in any situation. Build a common vision, and make your relationship last for years. 1h30 video course + scenario exercises.

Let's see concretely how

the coaching works

It's the ultimate all-in-one experience to transform your love life

We have created a system to track your progress and control your daily accountability to make sure you finish the program without pressure. With Claire and the whole community of Souveraines de l'Amour™, you will challenge yourself, put into practice everything you have learned and obtain concrete results in YOUR LIFE!

We begin together at the same time on January, 31th 2021

We start together and we end together! You join a community of close-knit women who support each other every step of the way. All the participants get to know each other and create lifelong friendships. 

You access your weekly exercises (~1h per day)

Download the workbooks and guided exercises. Practice what you have learned during our live video calls to integrate your transformation into your daily life.

Attend 2 live coaching calls every week

Every week for 12 weeks, Claire coaches you LIVE and answers the most urgent questions that arise during the program to help you complete it with confidence and without any resistance!

This allows you to be well prepared for the next action steps and move forward quickly. Don't be afraid to ask all of your questions. The more you ask, the more you receive and benefit from the coaching. It is also the time to share your transformation with other women.

Twice a week meet Claire during your live video calls and the other Souveraines de l'Amour™. Recorded video calls available 24/7.

Daily accountability system

Each day, complete the online accountability document to check each action you took. See your progress in the program in real time to keep you up to date and stay motivated.

Claire holds you accountable for every necessary action you take for your transformation. If you need a boost or special help, you can always send me a private message.

Live a real transformation surrounded by real people

You are never alone in your transformation anymore. You have questions ? Ask in our private social network.

Being surrounded by people who stimulates will help you overcome your limiting beliefs and be inspired by the progress of other women. You are surrounded by a group of women who will NOT let you fail.

Book your call now

to join the coaching

60 videos (15-60 min.)

+25 hours of videos to transform yourself in depth

160 pages of exercises

Guided & step-by-step with my precise life examples

24 (1-2H) LIVE Coachings 

to ask all your questions and move forward fast

private social app

for high quality & secure group interactions

Life Access

Pay once & access the program for life

Free Updates

We regularly update Nous mettons à jour the coaching program. All updates are free. No add-ons.

Daily Accountability

Claire tracks your progress everyday to make sure you stay engaged during the 12 weeks.

january, 31th 2021
april, 22nd 2021
It is a program with an exclusive community.
The candidates are only selected after a phone call interview to ensure your desire to be involved in your transformation. This way we can guarantee you to be in a very high quality support group, just like in a mastermind.

Now you have 2 options :

Option 1

"This is not the right time for me"

Are you going to continue this vicious cycle meeting men who just want to have sex or just have a good time with you?
You're only going to come out with a broken heart, one more time.

Remember, like I told you at the beginning, years go by...
Are you going to wait until your thirties and feel the pressure weighting on your shoulders for not having met the man of your life yet?
You know, time goes on. Very fast.

Not making a decision today will simply postpone the moment when you meet him. You are just speeding up the moment you have all these remorse and regrets of not having taken action earlier, today...

Unfortunately, if you don't do anything today, you will have wasted several months or years again before regretting not having invested in yourself earlier for the success of your love life. Especially since you were only one CLICK away from becoming a brand new woman, creating the life of your dreams and finally knowing what it is to live True Love with the man of your life. Don't let this slip through your fingers...


Option 2

"I transform myself"

Create the life and the romantic relationship you've always dreamed of!
You invest in yourself and you are 100% committed. You follow the whole process step by step. You watch each video. You attend every LIVE video call. You do each exercise and you ABSOLUTELY ask me all your questions!

Result: In 12 weeks, you will look behind you and you will shed tears of joy and gratitude as you see the phenomenal transformation you have gone through. You will be the happiest woman in the world. Your eyes will shine with happiness and you will be in shock that you have attracted the man of your life, the one you have been waiting for for years.

In the meantime, you won't believe it when you realize that you have changed your job to get the job of your dreams. You will only be surrounded by positive and sincere men and women who really care about your happiness (real friends, no more frienemies).

In 12 weeks, you will have accomplished more than in the last 3 years of your life.
You have absolutely everything to gain.

What happens next


  1. 1
    Pick a date and time to book your call with Claire

Connection to the private platform

  1. 2
    If you are selected during the call, you will receive your login details to connect to the private platform.

Welcome in the coaching

  1. 3
    You access the program, our private social app and our weekly live video calls!

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be single?

No. This program is for any single woman or unhappy woman in a relationship who wishes to detach herself from her destructive past, strengthen her relationship with herself, develop her confidence and self-esteem, create the life and love relationship of her dreams. Souveraine de l'Amour™ is perfect both for finding your ideal man and for bringing magic into your already existing relationship.

How long do I have access to the program?

You pay once for the Souveraine de l'Amour™ 12-week transformation program. At the end of the 12 weeks, you continue to have lifetime access to the ongoing updated program. On the other hand, to continue to access our LIVE coaching once your session is over, you will have to pay a 12$ membership to join the live coaching with Claire. To recap, you pay once to access the program, past and future LIVES reruns, and our social network app. After your session in over, you pay the membership to access the LIVE group sessions with Claire and Emmanuel.

Will I access updates?

Le programme sera mis à jour au fil du temps et tu pourras y accéder sans payer davantage, qu'importe le nouveau prix affiché. Tu as accès au programme vidéo Souveraine de l'Amour™ ainsi qu'à toutes ses mises à jour à vie !

I am never diligent in everything I do. I'm afraid I won't be able to follow through and complete the program...

J’ai tout étudié pour que tu n’aies plus qu’à appliquer les exercices donnés dans les vidéos. Tous les supports tels que les livrets et les audios de méditation et de visualisation sont fournis pour te permettre une utilisation fluide au quotidien. De plus, nous avons un système de suivi de progression unique qui t'assure de te tenir toujours à jour dans tes actions au quotidien. The entire program has been engineered so that you only have to apply the exercises in the given order. All media such as meditations, visualizations, workbooks and audios are provided for you to use smoothly on a daily basis. In addition, we have a unique daily accountability system to make sure you are always on track in your daily actions.

I have already tried visualisation. It has never worked for me.

Often, when we think of visualization, we say to ourselves that we just have to imagine, think and see our future for it to become real. But a big component is missing here, which to feel our emotions. Without it, visualization is useless. If you forgot this element then... Great! Because I will teach you how to maximize your visualization practice to live your dreams right now. If you still felt emotions, but nothing happened, rest assured because I will teach you my secret practice which allowed me to experience quantum leap after quantum leap and to manifest my dreams over and over again, including meeting my ideal partner, Emmanuel. And this practice goes far beyond classic visualization.

Meditation seems a bit esoteric to me... Does it really work?

I understand exactly what you mean. But here I am not using anything mystical. I have experienced dozens of different meditation techniques and here I am only showing and teaching you the powerful techniques that work to create the life of your dreams. I have created these meditations to provide you with the best results in a gradual but fast way. In addition, the meditations used are created to speed up the process of your transformation and eliminate negative emotions such as stress, anxiety, fear etc.

If after reading our FAQ, you still have questions, please send them at:


the moment has come.

The man of your life is waiting for you. Make the decision to finally become the woman you always wanted to be now!

DISCLAIMER: This program is not a method to make you have the man of your life, like magic, in a snap. The results you see on this page are out of the ordinary. We cannot guarantee you will have the same results, because they depend on your current situation, your willingness to change, your involvement and your attendance throughout the program. All of our programs require hard work, commitment and discipline. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not guarantee your ability to achieve results or find the right man for your life with our teachings, information, tools or strategies. We don't know you and what's more, your results in life depend on you. Okay ? We just want to help you out by providing great content, direction, and strategies. You should know that all products and services from our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or programs is a promise or guarantee of future results or income, and we do not offer any legal, medical, therapeutic, psychiatric, tax or tax advice. other. * The statements contained here were made by individuals who participated in our training. Succellium™ has paid no consideration for these statements.

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