the private club to reach your ambitions

Succellium™ teaches you to reprogram your habits to create a life that meets your dreams and ambition... Without "working on you" for 20 years.

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Masterminds d'élite pour personnes sérieuses. Soyez mentoré en LIVE. Rejoignez une communauté de personnes ambitieuses. Reprogrammez vos habitudes pour que votre vie se mette au niveau de vos rêves.

succellium™ difference 


Succellium is designed for ambitious people who want to experience a new level of fulfillment and success. If you are one of them, you already know that "feeling good" isn't enough. You need a proven process. You need an empowering support group and extreme accountability. That's why we combine together all the components of transformation in intensive group coachings.

there is the "follow your intuition" path

Maybe you have already devoured a few books or watched a few videos on the internet in the hopes of finding the method, the way that is sure to work, to solve your current problem and live out your desires. You may have tried applying some of the tips, but not much results.

To have been there before, you can waste months or even years in all this over-information. You are overwhelmed, swallowed up and you don't know where to look to finally catch your breath and cry "Eureka, I found it!"

and the succelliumecosystem

It is the compendium of 11 years of research, through trips to more than 20 countries, the exploration of modified states of consciousness, and the organization of immersive retreats.

We have had these experiences before you. You just have to follow our steps to save years. Compress several years of life in just a few weeks. This is called quantum jumps. You will finally stop wasting your time, money and energy going in the wrong direction.

We are here to take you big steps in your life in a fast and sustainable way. Join a community of ambitious people.

I am really amazed

I am really amazed because I realized that I could bring the ideal in the relationship with the partner I already have. - Anne Tureau, Therapist

succellium™ ECOSYSTEM 

how it works


follow a

step-by-step guided process

Very practical, not just theoretical. Immerse yourself in a proven, step-by-step guided process of intense LIVE group coaching, stunning 1080p HD videos, awesome reprogramming audio sounds, and beautiful and elegant workbooks.


join intensives

group coachings

Most coaches try to teach you. Instead, we with you every step of the way. We meet you twice a week . We have lived these experiences before you.

Just follow in our footsteps and save years in just a few weeks or months. We are here to take you big steps in your life in a fast and sustainable way. You will finally stop wasting your time, money and energy going in the wrong direction.


connect with

powerful friends

You live your transformation with teammates who share the same goals than you. People like you, determined, ambitious and involved in their success. You work together in a coaching group and support each other throughout the transformation process.

You get support during tough times, and you share your victories with people who (really) want you to succeed. No fake friends, no fake smiles. Only an atmosphere of sincere support. This community is not only of great value, but it is also very exclusive.


share progress in a

private social network

You log into your private application in which you feel comfortable and comfortable sharing both your victories and your challenges. 

You are with people who want to see you win and live your dreams. Each member is highly involved and creates a strong emulation.


stay motivated

with our accountability system

We hold you accountable to do the things and changes you don’t want to do, so you can get the results you were whishing for years.

We are behind you to keep you diligent on a daily basis. Your teammates can see your progress. They are there to help you move forward throughout the coaching process and to stimulate you to perform at your best.


share your victories

in live events

Succellium™ brings together face-to-face members from all over the world for a certification delivery at the end of each online coaching. You are in total immersion for several days, surrounded by people with whom you have transformed your life in a deep and intense way.

You share your transformation, your challenges and your victories, you forge strong bonds and you create friendships for life.

succellium™ TEAM 

who are we ?

Emmanuel Beato
Founder of Succellium®
claire chiron
Co-founder of Succellium® 
Creator of Sovereing of Love®


high performers

This is totally different from any other coachings or masterminds. We select each member to be sure that they meet these criteria:


You aim for nothing less than excellence in all your areas of life

100% teachable

Ready to learn new ways of thinking and make necessary changes in your life

highly motivated

You want to reach your goals faster without wasting time and go further with less distractions

ready to jump

into your success ?

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6 Secret Obsessions Of Successful People

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